The future of music
it's here!

The multi-chain DAO player
that allows you to listen to NFT Music
from your favorite artists


You can have what you can hear

You can have what you can hear

You can have what you can hear

You can have what you can hear

NFT Music Player

Now you can listen, build your playlist or follow other users who also have NFT Music on the Ethereum, Tezos, Polygon, Binance Smart Chain, Avalanche and Fantom chains and enjoy your digital assets as they rise in value.

You and your favorite artists will receive rewards in the form of tokens for using the platform.

NFT Marketplace

Smart Contract customizable, you decide the characteristics and value of your asset.

As a fan, you will be closer and closer to your favorite artists, they grow, you win, they win.


You can buy part or all of a song and use it in your own production, metaverse, commercial or movie.


Fingerprint of your lyrics protected on-chain.


It is a Web3/Music3 platform controlled, owned and operated by its users. The community decides the direction of Galio through consensus, your vote is law.

DeFi Loans

Your digital asset serves as collateral for a cryptocurrency loan.

Goodbye unfair treatment, hello freedom.

You can have what you can hear

You can have what you can hear

You can have what you can hear

You can have what you can hear

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  • Roadmap
  • 2022
  • 1Q
  • Introducing NFT Music Dapp Player - Beta

  • 2Q
  • Whitepaper and documentation development.

  • Private fundraising and industry recruitment.

  • Creation and audit of contracts.

  • Constitution of the Galio Foundation.

  • Start of the creative scholarship program.

  • Decentralized exchange listing of Galio Tokens.

  • Introduction of NFT Music Movil player - Beta.

  • Implementation of NFT Music player in social networks - Beta

  • 3Q
  • Launch of NFT Music Marketplace.

  • Development of MicroLicenses Smart contracts.

  • Development of Lyrics Smart contracts.

  • 4Q
  • Presentation of NFT Music player for web app, mobile, car and social networks.

  • Inclusion of Galio player in Metaversos.

  • Launch of Galio DAO.

  • Live voting.

  • 2023
  • DAO completely autonomous.